We Can Be Better

Nowadays, we live in a strange society. It’s strange in many ways, but the way I’m going to rant to you about right now is the way that humans interact with each other. In our current day and age, it seems to be a competition to see who can care the least. Most often, we are quick to point out differences and downfalls  in others; with this, we haven’t a difficulty in expressing ourselves. However, when it comes to the apparent beauty of others, we tend to keep our comments and opinions to ourselves.

I’ll give you an example. When I was in high school, my friend Stormy committed suicide. She left a letter saying how she never felt love and felt very hated by everyone and how she could never talk to anyone about how she was feeling and that those led to her self-inflicted death. Here’s where my point comes in: Once she was gone, all of the sudden everyone starting saying how much they loved her, how much she meant to them, and how utterly beautiful and lovely she was. Now, can you imagine if these insecure high schoolers would have told her these things when she was still alive? Perhaps then, she would still be here. Another point to make is that we are so closed off and seem so judgement of others that we are afraid of telling the truth of how we feel- in this case, Stormy was too afraid to tell anyone how she was feeling.

I propose that we all stand together; that we break down our impenetrable walls and begin to live without fear of telling the truth - that we may become open with one another and experience the disillusion of separateness. No one can take a picture of what is going on inside your head, you must speak up and tell the truth!